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Learning to massage your own breasts is easy, effective, safe, and a powerful way to enhance the health of breast tissue.

Breast tissue is made up of fat, glands, blood vessels, milk ducts, connective tissue, nerves and a lacy network of lymphatic vessels. The lymphatic fluid leaves the breast through this network of lymphatic vessels called lymph nodes. These lymph nodes are linked throughout the body and act as a major line of defense against the spread of disease in the body. When lymphatic vessels and nodes become restricted through lack of physical movement, or clothing that is too tight, the body’s defense system begins to break down and disease can set in.

Wearing a bra and not massaging our breasts daily set us up for breast health problems. Behind the breast itself is the chest wall comprised of the pectoralis muscles and the rib cage muscles, called intercostals, which assist in breathing. With tension and stress, these muscles become quite tender to the touch.

There has been research recently supporting the correlation between under wire bras and increases in breast cancer in women. The under wire, as well as a bra that fits too tight, impedes the body’s ability to move lymph through the breast tissue, as well as diminishes blood flow and nerve function. Lymphatic Drainage Massage has been proven to assist in promoting healthy breast tissue, reduce fibroids and cysts. Lymph Drainage relieves the pain and discomfort associated with PMS or from compression from bras, relieving the pain and tension from stress in the muscles of the chest wall. It assists in healthy tissue regeneration and scar reduction following surgery, and as a logical proactive step against cancer and other diseases.

Important breast actions to do each day.
1. Anywhere there is a red mark on your body from clothing, socks, shoes, rings, glasses, etc….massage those marks.
2. Wash your breasts in the shower with clock wise and counter clock wise strokes.
3. After your shower, look at yourself in the mirror. Look at your breasts from the front, sides, and back. Also bend over and look at your breasts hanging.

Important breast actions to do weekly.
Massaging your own breasts only takes about 5 – 15 minutes.
For lymphatic drainage, it takes very little pressure to move lymph through the breast tissue. Always use the pads of your fingers or your palm and work only within your comfort zone.

To begin…. follow the grooves of your ribs from the sternum, beginning just below your collar bone, and move outward toward your arm pit. Your fingers will easily locate the “indents” between your ribs. In the middle is your sternum or breast bone. On either side of it you can feel the ribs and then the “valleys” between them. Place your fingertips in these valleys. Gradually shift your position working your way down the sternum, following the rib grooves out as far as is comfortable. Repeat on the other side.

Gently massage by kneading each breast, using lifting and slight compressive movements. Include moderate pressure compressions to move out the stagnant fluids from the breast.

Finishing.. move the lymph from the center of your breast outward to the sides of your breast and underarm. Use the flat pads of your fingers with a broad contact to gently, but firmly, stretch the breast tissue with light to medium pressure directed away from the nipple. Visualize your breast as a pie. The outer part is the crust and you are moving the lymph to that area.

Close by applying very, very light touch to the breast, smoothing the tissue away from the nipple toward the armpit.

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