Poke root~ healthy breasts
Since breasts are made up of mostly fatty tissue and lymph, they’re especially susceptible to absorbing toxins from the environment. Many of these toxins come from personal care products—aluminum from antiperspirants, phthalates found in cosmetics, etc.
Poke root is especially good at moving lymph fluid. Herbalists use it routinely for problems associated with the breasts because it’s good at dissolving lumps (tumors) as well as swelling and inflammation in the breast, and some herbalists claim to have cured breast cancer with it. Author and herbalist Susun Weed recommends applying a generous amount to the lump, covering it with a flannel cloth, and a hot water bottle.
Although poke root oil has a good reputation for helping to maintain breast health, the plant is nothing to mess around with. Poke root is not for use by pregnant women or children. If you’re not a trained herbalist, don’t go trying to make your own tinctures or oils from this plant. Use it according to directions, and if you discover a lump in your breast get yourself to a doctor.