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Water and the health of your Lymphatic System?
Water is simply crucial to the Lymphatic System! Why? Because the Lymphatic System is about 96% water. Because water is at the center of human life – both inside and outside of us!
Do you know that your whole body is mainly water? The body is composed of about 55% to 75% water and the blood is only about 20% of this water. Most of your body’s water is the lymphatic fluid! Anatomically, the LS is much bigger in volume and number of vessels than the blood system. It’s also much slower flowing than the blood, because the heart does not pump the lymphatic fluid!
In addition, the presence of hundreds of lymph nodes makes the lymph fluid even slower. So, we need to assist lymph motion for us to have a healthy life.
Babies, Adults and Water Composition
Babies are composed of about 75% water, but as we age, we gradually lose this vital fluid. An adult carries from 55% to 65% water. Depending on his age, an average 120 pound person carries about 75 pounds of water.
For the body to function properly, we need to drink enough water to keep the lymph fluid clean and flowing freely.
When we don’t drink enough water, or when we have a sedentary life or when we breathe shallowly, the water within – the lymph – tends to get stagnant and dirty. When it gets stagnant, the lymph fluid retains the toxic cellular waste that is supposed to move away from the body. The cells can’t get the nutrients they need. They gradually weaken or perish. At this point, rather than doing its job of nourishing and repairing cells and tissues, the lymph is impairing and damaging them!
The Lymphatic System can easily become a hazardous system to the other systems of the body when proper water intake is neglected.
Water Loves to Move!
As we know, water loves to move and to circulate! When it flows, water has a tendency to clean itself. When water stagnates, it gets impure. Like a river! The LS is the same. So, it’s important to become aware of the quality and quantity of water within ourselves.
Proper water intake determines the balance and health conditions of organs, systems and functions in the body because it is directly affecting the mighty lymph fluid.
How Much Water is Enough?
Daily water intake needs to compensate for the amount of water lost through the kidneys (urination), skin (perspiration), lungs (breathing) and intestines (feces). Otherwise dehydration sets in. Dehydration means that more water is moving out of the body than the amount of water we take in.
The amount of water we need can be determined when we divide the body weight in pounds by two. The result would be the number of ounces of water you need daily.
Keep in mind, that if you exercise heavily or if you’re in a hot climate you may need more water than that. To be sure what’s correct for you, check with your health professional.
And, please, don’t wait to be thirsty to drink water! We are already dehydrated when we feel thirsty! Dehydration causes sluggish lymph. We really don’t want this problem! So, we should drink water regularly throughout the day